Dalibor KARVAY

…. by his mentor Prof. Boris Kuschnir. As a musical wunderkind Dalibor won international classical music contests and performed as a soloist in famous orchestras for distinguished audiences such as HRH The Prince of Wales and Pope St. John Paul II.

The 2004 documentary “Stradivari – Search For Perfection” follows Dalibor’s worldwide search for the ideal violin and the perfect sound. An uncompromising pursuit,
that lasts until today. Long years of practice to perfection, Dalibor is still driven to play the violin in utterly precision and purity, stringing the perfect
sound. After years of an inner search and tirelessly working on his play, Dalibor is now ready for a comeback into the limelight of international concert halls
to take his audience to a journey through flawless violin-tones letting listeners encounter the perfect sound.

Enjoy one of the most self-critical yet ingenious violinists of our time – every night searching for the perfect sound.